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Five Five


Five Five

Industrial Design Lead
Product Photography

Release October 2015

The Sonos Five is the flagship speaker in the portfolio and the first release of the newly developed design language. It was the first speaker designed and engineerd in-house with me joining as the first team member of the Sonos design team.

The Five references an original bookshelf speaker with its technology and smarts being invisible. Beside using the new design DNA, it was the first Sonos product with touch controls as well as triple orientation.

Signature Detail

The logo strip guiding the user to the touch controls of the speaker is called Signature Detail. Due to the nature of the Sonos word mark it can be used facing up as well as pointing left or right in a pair.

To enable its centered position right over the center tweeter we developed and patented an acoustical transparent micro pattern CNC’ed into the front of the triple shot part that includes the white logo letters, the black substrate and the clear light pipe at the end on top.

Speaker Grille

The speaker grille needed a high quality, monolithic, solid read and feel but also wifi transparency. Due to the desired, very small hole size that terminate with an even border stamping or molding trials did not result in a good enough result.

To achieve the desired design we had to design the manufacturing process as well. Multiple flat plastic sheets are stacked to reduce cycle time and CNC’d with multiple drill heads the custom 60k hole pattern, with a changing pitch in each row. To enable its strength and slight curve each sheet gets bonded to a substrate before installation.


The result is not only the most powerful Sonos smart speaker built to this day, but also a well designed one. The shape was well balanced to house the immense power but also not walk or tip over in 3 different orientations. The matte finish references a beautiful ceramic object and differentiates from competitors as well as blends in beautifully into the home.

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