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Joining the Google Industrial Design (ID) team immediately following the launch of Google’s first speakers and home products was a decision not taken lightly, a small team within a huge engineering driven organization that is known for “moonshots” that mostly get killed after one try.

However, the deliberate design philosophy and the seamless harmonization of technology and interior aesthetics, blurring the boundary between electronics and furniture, left an indelible mark on my perspective. What truly piqued my interest was the incredible synergy between design and CMF, embodied by Isabelle, the leader of Google’s Industrial Design team. Since my arrival at the beginning of 2018, I’ve witnessed our team’s phenomenal growth and evolution, propelling us into the ranks of the world’s foremost design teams.

“About five years ago after opening a dedicated hardware studio, Google has also cemented its point-of-view in industrial design: creating high-touch tactile products that would be as comfortable on a shelf at Hay as in Sephora.”


Beyond ID

Besides the typical industrial design process work, I capture every step with beautiful imagery. I create stunning visuals and highlights of the details that make our design special for the marketing team. These images have been used extensively on Google’s social media accounts and leveraged by marketing in the product launch kits with press.

I visit the production facilities in Asia, conduct user studies with the help of the UXR team, oversee the REL labs for performance testing, work closely with packaging team to refine their ideas. I give feedback to the point of sales team to dial in the perfect placement of the product in the stores. As an ID we are involved in every step of the product.

#2 most innovative design teams 2021 – FastCompany

“In 2020, as supply chains tightened, Google’s industrial design team took a step back from high-tech to focus on a philosophy of “just enough.” [..] It did something similar with its Nest thermostats, creating a more affordable model that ditched metal and extraneous internal processors; the device’s beautiful mirror finish reflects the design of your own room.”


As the lead industrial designer, I had the opportunity to lend my expertise to a number of Google Nest advertising video shoots around the world. In these high-stakes environments where a multitude of creatives were converging, it was imperative that the product be captured in its best angle and that the overall composition be flawless. I was pleased to bring my art director’s eye to the table, ensuring that these crucial elements were executed to perfection.

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