Experience Design Portfolio

of Stefan Reichert

Senior Industrial Designer in California, USA.

Award winning product experiences

The following is a selection of design projects Stefan has worked on during the last couple years. Many projects are confidential and can not be shared online yet.

Fueled by curiosity.

In the past I have been the Design Lead for the all new, award winning Sonos Play:5 as well as Sonos One voice speaker from start to end. Currently working on the next-gen Google design language and experiences across the entire product line within the Google Hardware Design team.

  • Senior Lead ID for Hardware at Google
  • Previously Senior Lead ID for the music product category at Sonos (5yrs)
  • Started the In-House Design team at Sonos
  • Product Designer with UX/Prototyping/Web/Graphic/Interior skills

Driven by challenges.

Tested on the manufacturing lines all over Asia. The bigger the challenge the higher the chance to find an innovative and unique solution. Deep knowledge in molding, painting, secondary processes (buffing, CNC) and product assembly.

Hungry for more.

Beside of producing award winning consumer electronic products Stefan gathers additional inspiration through the design of interior spaces for friends or listening environments for Sonos.

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